11kw OBC Charger

11kw OBC Charger

The 11KW OBC Charger is manufactured by STARWELL. This 11KW OBC charger is specifically designed to supplement the power battery of electric vehicles with electric energy. It offers several advantages, including high efficiency, compact size, high stability, and long lifespan. The charger also features a high protection level and reliability. It supports the CAN BUS communication protocol, allowing for better monitoring of the battery's status.

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Product Details

The 11KW OBC Charger by STARWELL is specifically designed to meet the demands of larger power charger applications. It features a single-phase AC input and provides an output range of 400VDC to 850VDC. This makes it suitable for use in buses, commercial trucks, and other similar applications.

One notable feature of this charger is its ability to withstand harsh environments. It is designed to handle vibrations, thermal shocks, and extreme temperature ranges that are commonly encountered in automotive and industrial settings.

The SW-11KW000 series charger is equipped with a liquid cooling system, ensuring efficient heat dissipation and maintaining optimal operating temperatures. Additionally, it is housed in an IP67-rated enclosure, providing excellent protection against water and dust ingress.

The SW-11KW OBC series charger stands out for its programmable nature. It incorporates an independent control unit, allowing for customization and flexibility to meet the specific requirements of different customers. This programmability enables precise control over the charging process and ensures compatibility with various battery types and charging profiles.

The charger's processor-driven charging algorithms optimize charging efficiency, resulting in reduced energy consumption and extended battery life. This not only benefits the charger itself but also contributes to the overall longevity and performance of the high-voltage battery system.

Overall, the 11KW OBC Charger by STARWELL offers robustness, flexibility, and efficient charging capabilities, making it a reliable choice for demanding applications in the automotive and industrial sectors.

Main Feature:

★Compliance with single phase AC input .

★Compact and lightweight construction.

★Constant power and constant current charging capable.

★Vibration-resistant and IP67 for on-board use.

★Firmware up-gradable over CAN bus.

★DC High Voltage Interlock Loop (HVIL) protection.

★Precise and efficient charging power.

Function and Feature:

Type: Battery Charger
TYPE: 11kw On board Charger
Model SW-11KW000
Rate Output Voltage 700v
Charging Mode Response mode (can communicate)
AC input 1-phase Unit
Input voltage range 90– 265 V
Input frequency range 47 – 63 Hz
AC current THD < 5 %
Power factor > 0.99
Efficiency > 94 @ from 50% to Max load %
Max. input current (eff) 64 A
Max input power 13 kVA
INRUSH current < 40 @ 240 Vac A
DC output Unit
Voltage programmable range 400 – 850 Vdc
Min. voltage Constant Power range 700 Vdc
Charging voltage accurancy ≤1 %
Charging current accuracy ≤5 %
Charging current ripple amplitude ≤1 %
Max. output power 11 KW
Max. charging current 18 Adc
Output response time ≤5 S
Pre-charging internal
Charging function
Charge function Charging according to BMS communication
Communication function CAN bus control
Communication protocol
(to BMS)
By SAE J1939/Defined by customer
CAN communication baud rate 250/500 kbps, without terminate resistor.
AC charge control Compliant SAE J1772 and EN 61851
When SAE J1772 is enabled, the charger is fully compliant with SAE J1772
Power Station (EVSE SAE J1772 compliant, level 1 and 2).
When EN 61851 is enabled, the charger is fully compliant with EN 61851
Power Station.
Wake-up 12V signal Hardwire wake up
BMS wake-up command
CP,CC signal wake up

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