Constant Current 0-10V CCT Dimmable LED Driver

The Constant Current 0-10V CCT Dimmable LED Driver has a wide range of applications where adjustable lighting control and color temperature tuning are required. It is commonly used in commercial, residential, and architectural settings.

This type of power supply allows users to control the brightness level and adjust the color temperature of the connected lighting fixtures. The 0-10V dimming functionality provides smooth and precise dimming control, while the tunable color temperature feature enables users to customize the lighting ambiance to suit their preferences or specific lighting requirements.

Our company sub brand: "AiDimming Electronics" offers the following series of Constant Current 0-10V CCT Dimmable LED Driver:

PE-N14ACA (15W), PE-N20ACA (20W), PE-N30ACA (30W), PE-N45ACA (45W) for your selection.

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