TUYA Zigbee CCT Dimmable LED Driver

As for TUYA Zigbee CCT Dimmable LED Driver, we have Zigbee and TUYA dimmable and color temperature tunable  led driver for your choose. It is a lighting device that supports wireless communication through the Zigbee protocol and is compatible with the TUYA smart home system. It allows for remote control of both brightness and color temperature of the connected light fixtures. Users can adjust the lighting intensity and color according to their preferences through a smartphone app or voice commands. This power supply offers convenient and flexible control options, making it suitable for smart lighting applications in homes, offices, and other settings.

Our company sub brand: "AiDimming Electronics" offers the below series models for your selectioin:

PE-L12ZCA (12W), PE-L20ZCA (20W), PE-L30ZCA (30W), PE-L40ZCA (40W)

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