Constant Voltage DALI Dimmable LED Driver

The constant voltage DALI dimmable led driver is widely applied in various lighting scenarios that demand precise control over dimming and color temperature adjustments. It is extensively used in commercial spaces like offices, retail stores, hotels, and restaurants to create dynamic lighting scenes and enhance visual comfort. In residential settings, homeowners can customize their lighting environment by adjusting the brightness and color temperature, catering to different moods and activities. Additionally, architectural installations benefit from this power supply as it enables precise lighting control to showcase architectural features and artwork, creating desired lighting effects. Overall, the DALI dimmable and tunable color temperature driver power supply finds applications in a broad range of settings where flexible lighting control and color temperature adjustments are desired, delivering enhanced lighting experiences and improved energy efficiency.

We offers the following series of constant current DALI dimmable color temperature tunable  led driver:

PE-IL60DV (60W), PE-IL100DV (100W), PE-IL150DV (150W) for your choose.

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